I am keeping this site for the time being. I can’t replace the photo posts that were deleted here, but I can keep the site open for my projects that I have going on, although I’m certain that all of them could be merged into a simple .com. Except for the email addresses. I love them dearly.

Third Launch Is A Charm

Here we go again! It’s one in the morning and I had to re-install WordPress because for some strange reason, my password no longer worked, and my site was gone. I apologise for that. I am working on getting some other sites going, as well as getting a memorial site put together for a friend who died a year ago or so.

I am going to attempt to get my pictures back, but I can’t be certain. Maybe this is a clue that is not supposed to happen? I’ve had to start over with it three times now. I have never really done anything with it, because I don’t get online much these days. Yes, that means I took my own advice and started living instead of writing about the life that I had, I started living the life I was given. I’m satisfied in doing that.